Acrylic & Hard Gel Extensions

A strong, durable & versatile enhancement to add length – Sculpted / Tipped (Please note: prices occasionally fluctuate due to varying designs and service times)


Classic: Gel polish, and 1 nail per hand nail art

Partial Artistic: Gel polish, and 3 nails per hand nail art

Full Artistic: Gel polish, and full nail art all 10 nails

Rebalance: Cut down, infill, rebalance and redesign (Over 3 weeks)

Infill: Cut down, infill and redesign (Up to 3 weeks)

Full Set£35£40£45
Take Off£10 - £15£10 - £15£10 - £15
Repairsfrom £3from £3from £3

Gel Polish

Gel polish overlay on the natural nail can last up to 3 weeks.

Take Off £8£8

Tinting & Waxing

Brow Wax£7
Lip Wax£7
Brow Wax & Tint£10
Lash Tint£13


Lip Threaded£7
Chin Threaded£7
Eyebrows Threaded£10
Eyebrows Thread & Tint£13
Sides of Face Threaded£15
Full Face Threaded£25

Lash Lift

Total lash lift is the perfect alternative to eyelash extensions. For those not keen on the idea of extensions but still desire the appearance of darker, longer lashes.

£40 (Lasts 6-8wks)


Natural Mascara’d Look
Individual eyelash extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes to enhance your eyes (approx 90mins).
Glamorous Look
Using texturising
techniques, giving fuller,
longer, curlier lashes (approx. 120mins).
Cluster Lashes
Quick solution perfect for
weekends (approx. 30min).


*All lash and tinting services require a patch test a minimum of 24hrs prior to appointment.

Hi Brow

If you are looking for shaped, tinted and styled brows, the HI Brow professional treatment is perfect for you. By shaping, colouring and styling your brows leaving your brows both defined and symmetrical that frame and enhance your natural features.

£20 (Lasts 4-6wks)

Salon Policy

Home-care Nail Guide

“Nails are Jewels, not tools”

In order to maintain your Nail enhancements for long term wearability, please read and follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Oil nails twice per day to maintain flexibility. A product that is allowed to become brittle will crack and break.
  2. Repetitive or severe pressure on the nail extension will lead to cracks that result in full blown breaks.
  3. Nails that are too long for your lifestyle and level of activity will result in cracks and breaks. If your nails become too long between appointments, shorten the length with a 240 grit file.
  4. When changing polish between maintenance appointments, remove polish with a non-acetone polish remover and a lint-free cotton or gauze wipe.
  5. Should lifting occur between visits, buff away the area of lift. Do not attempt to glue the area of lift as this can trap bacteria. Should any area of lift be too large to remove by filing, or visible discolouration is present, please arrange a nail repair appointment.
  6. To prevent the spread of infectious disease, never share files.
  7. Wear gloves when performing household chores, working in the garden or when using cleaning solutions of any kind.

But most of all…


What are you waiting for?

What our Clients say...

Thank you for the Acrylic training today. Although at one point I was ready to down tools and declare, "I just can't do it!!" you helped me see that it isn't going to be a perfect set on my first go. Can't thank you enough, had you not been there to talk me through it I would have given up there and then. I'll keep practising the skills you've taught me and with any luck I'll be doing sets I'm proud of in no time. Thank you again, you're a brilliant trainer and a lovely, lovely lady xx

Jeanette Fogg

I let Jenny do whatever she wanted and ended up with another great design; purple and gold with mandala design. I will definitely be going back for my Christmas nails, and would highly recommend this place to everyone. I've hand loads of compliments on my nails and find they last weeks! I really do love my autumn nails! Thank-you x

Meghan Gadsby-Robinson

Had the most lovely nail design done today love, love never walk out there feeling disappointed, these ladies have sooo much talent.. I also tried the eyelash left really wasn't sure what to expect but wow what a difference this made, the look is just what I've been wanting very happy will definitely Have this done again…

Julie Wells

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